Daimoon Media Review


Time for a Daimoon Media Review. We did a comprehensive review of this company. Check it out here.

When promoting through Spotify, it is important that the lists you appear on are real. There are many sellers who use lists listened to by VPN servers or bots. Spotify recognizes this and may remove these streams.

Daimoon Media Review

Spotify Daimoon Media Review

In addition, these are not real listeners you are doing your promotion for.

The best service that comes out of this is Daimoon Media. This company uses proprietary lists where your track is placed. This allows them to guarantee that the music is listened to by real people.

The right (real) promotion can also help you get on Spotify’s natural playlists. It can also cause a listener to save your song or follow you as an artist.

Spotify’s algorithm is also very important. Spotify recommends songs based on the user’s listening activities. They recommend songs to listeners based on their interests.

That’s why it’s important to work with a good promotion service that uses your own (self-created) Spotify Lists.

For Spotify, we also looked at statistics coming from Daimoon media.

Daimoon Media spotify reviews

For this test of the Spotify promotion service, we promoted a track and came up with the following statistics. Is this spotify promotion organic? And is this spotify promotion real?

We can tell you that we found out that the promotion is real, and show you our statistics below. Because there is no permission to reveal the playlist names (by the owners) they have been made unrecognizable.

playlist overview daimoon media

The Playlists that our track appeared on:Looking at the audience, this is also quite young and exactly our target audience. Young adults.


The countries where the streams come from are also good, (not specifically cheap countries like for example India Red.) This is a spotify algorithm promotion.


If you have become enthusiastic about the services of Daimoon Media please click on the button below. This will take you to the website of Daimoon Media

YouTube Promotion Daimoon Media Review

We did some research on this and ended up with Daimoon Media. This company uses Google Ads manager to carry out the advertisements. On our Review page we will elaborate on this.

Daimoon Media uses Google’s advertising system and uses a targeting that matches the music. This gets you the best possible audience to your music.

Getting subscribers and responses is always difficult with these types of promotions, your goal of a YouTube Promotion should always be to reach new people and get into their algorithm.

If they have listened to your song it is possible that they are going to get more of your songs recommended on the homepage or alongside other videos.

With these types of promotions you are investing in the future of your channel. Best YouTube promotion Service

Our test campaign:

We did a test campaign to see what the target audience is using through Daimoon Media. With our test campaign, we got the following statistics.

yt-grow Daimoon MediaAge and gender review