Why you MUST promote your music

Why you MUST promote your music? These days, almost everyone makes music and putting music online on Spotify is possible for everyone. Do you want to be among the biggest artists on Spotify or be heard by a new audience? Then you can’t escape marketing anymore.

In today’s music landscape, if you have any ambition as a producer and DJ, you simply have to implement a marketing strategy. If you don’t, you really won’t break through anymore.

Your music can be as good as it is, but if it doesn’t reach people, you’ll never be big with your music. Whether you like it or not, the reality is that the most creative and interesting sounds still need some promotional marketing magic to be heard.

It's about helping people find you

Many people still think that you need talent to break through with music, but now that anyone can put music online, there is more and more to it than just making music.

Only if people can find you and your music will you be able to break through. Just making good music will not get you there.

Why you MUST promote your music

It is always necessary

You will probably think that marketing of music is only necessary for new songs. But marketing is an ongoing thing. You really need to make a plan for ever and not just when new music comes out.

But not just getting on Spotify lists that get you fans but organize contests, involve people in the creation of your music and ask your fans questions! This is how you maintain your fans better than just throwing songs online.

Engage social media

It’s also important to involve Social Media in your plan. Ask your fans questions here, answer their questions and share information here. When is music coming out again? Where are you with gigs? Even if it’s too far away for them, they like to follow you and encourage you in this.

Why you MUST promote your music

Marketing and maintaining relationships is not very difficult, so you don’t have to do it all yourself. You can also hire a marketing company for this. They can think along with you and take work off your hands.

It is not complicated

Here we have also made an article on the following areas:

Many music marketing companies already have the important connections you need, so there is no need to start from scratch. So Why you MUST promote your music? It helps you grow as an artist in the time where it is a lot easier for everyone to become an artist.

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